Singaporean’s Plan Historical Protest

The first mass protest in the history of Singapore, has gained international media coverage. As of 12.27PM today 3,280 people have clicked attending on the ‘Protest against 6.9 million population by 2030′ Facebook event page.

Official Protest Logo for Protest against 6.9 million population by 2030

Organised by Mr. Gilbert Goh, President of Transitioning a local NGO. The protest is targeted at apposing the recent proposed population white paper in which the government proposed increasing Singapore’s current population 5,183.7 million (as of 2011) to 6.9 million in 2030.

Transitioning lists five reasons why Singaporeans should be against the population increase to 6.9 million.

These are :

  1. Limited Physical Space 
  2. Skyrocketing Property Market
  3. Social integration with local population non-existant
  4. Vote buying through citizenship conversion
  5. Singaporeans will be replaced by foreigners in future

(*source : 5 reasons Why All Singaporeans Must Reject 6.9 million Population Target )

According to Facebook posts on events page, international media companies such as Al-Jazeera, Reuters, The Asahi Shimbun, CNN, Bloomberg, ABC News, Associated Press, local XIN91FM and local socio-media giants such as The Online Citizen and TR Emeritus have all expressed interest in covering this historic event. However, the local press has yet to express any interest or comment on the protest.

The protest will take place at Hong Lim Park (Speakers Corner) on the 16th of February 2013, between 1600hrs – 1900hrs. Protesters are advised to wear black as its the universal protest colour. Organisers seek all protestors to remain peaceful and report all agitators to marshals on location.

*Updates will be posted via twitter on the day of the protest follow me  @tmb61.




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