Letter I

Initial’s On Canvas – For Sale

So the Night Market didn’t go as planned, didn’t sell any of my works. Bad weather, a field fill with mud might not have been ideal for some people.

Nevertheless, I just sold two canvases 20cmX20cm to a friend at SGD$30 each.

If anyone wants a custom piece just drop me an email at thachna87@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you regarding cost and shipping.

Letter I

Letter I

Letter A

Letter A

Night Market – Good Man Arts Centre – Singapore

1888861_305815806278397_1893863830094602168_oA night market put together by the LocalPeopleSG and DBS (Pay Lah!). Brings together a variety of artists and artisans of all walks of life. A night of good food, music , alcohol and locally made designed and produced artworks/goods.

I personally will be selling a few of my artworks at a booth together with a few friends from The Band of Doodlers. Hopefully we get some support.

So come on down to Goodman Arts Centre this Saturday from 5-11pm to pick up some customized Christmas gifts.


A little something that I’m going to be selling – Letter D in my style on 10cmx10cm canvas board

*Custom orders available – contact me on thachna87@gmail.com / http://www.facebook/thachna

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HolyCrit organiser & volunteer facing a year in jail: Zul Awab interview


This is aush bullshit… I know these guys have bumped into them several times outside their store as I frequent Blackbook studio. With no ill intentions in mind these guys were out to only do good however , just for the lack of lisensing they are facing a year in jail.. what utter bullshit

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i was not alone in reacting with disbelief when i first read the news from Singapore that the organiser of the Holy Crit race, Eric Khoo, and volunteer Zul Awab were facing hefty fines and up to 6 months in prison after traffic police shut down their event due to a complaint from a local. Singapore is certainly an intriguing city but it is not one in which bike racing thrives, despite there being a substantial number of road, track, fixie and MTB riders.

each year the cycling federation struggles to put on a national road race and time trial championships, having to wrangle with the government to get a permit to close roads.

within this environment, the emergence of a crit series came as a ray of light in an otherwise dingy house. it injected a much required shot of adrenalin to the local scene and meant that peopleā€¦

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Weekend Paint Session-National Youth Park

Last weekend’s paint session was a fruitful one, although I am never happy with any of my works. Started off on Saturday afternoon just when I was almost done this season’s monsoon hit us hard. The rain was intense leaving us stranded under the shelter right beside our spot. Luckily I was able to finish the piece the following morning.

Piece from 13/12/2014

Piece from 13/12/2014

Jakarta – Adventure Logs

Most people travel to experience the culture , food, tourist attractions or to shop. Not us, we travelled to Jakarta solely to paint and connect with the local writers, although it was a short trip and an intense one at that it was by far one of my best holiday’s ever. Well this is just a gist of what happen throughout the trip. I’ve attached some links at the bottom if you guys want to check some of our works out or even connect with the guys up in Jakarta from Gardu House.

Day 1 :

We arrived in Jakarta on the a Friday night , tired after work we waited for two of our friends for about an hour at the airport for them to arrive. Took a cab down to our hostel. When we finally reached our hostel (Six Degrees Hostel) all we did was check in, grab a beer and headed up to the roof top with our sketch books to start working on what we’re going to put up the next day. The Hostel was decent compared to other hostel’s I’ve lived in other places before. Great people , nice atmosphere and a real bargain.

Day 2 :

Woke up at Nine am, headed down to to the lobby for breakfast with the boys. Took a cab down to Gardu house, where the cab driver brought us on a two hour long ride which cost us RP 200,000 (about sgd $20) . Thank goodness for GPS Facter and I both had our GPS’s on our phones on and where tracking where this guy was going. So eventually he dropped us off at our destination and we spend about another 20 minutes trying to figure out where Gardu House actually was. Finally we found it, met Cloze and a few other local writers. Exchanged some slaps (stickers), and bought some cans. If you’re ever traveling up to Indonesia especially Jakarta a good brand to try out is RHEMA, its their local cans manufactured in the same factory as ironlak however has a similar formula to Flame. These have great coverage, the caps don’t clog up and no silly string effect at the first press of the nozzle . Eventually after settling all of that, Cloze brought me out on his bike to get some buff paint and rollers and showed me the spot we were going to paint. Damn, that was one scary bike ride, nearly got run down by some maniac driver.

Got back to Gardu house after getting more supplies, headed down to the spot by a taxi and started painting a production with the guys. This was mainly us three Singaporeans and one Australian working this wall while Cloze was watching. Eventually there were a group of ten to fifteen children sitting around quietly and asking us what we were up to and what “picture” we were putting up. Good thing I understand bahasa a little the rest of the guys were clueless, even when a well dressed drug dealer came up and asked them if they wanted drugs they were like, “hey dude, what is he saying man?”.

We did some of the local writers aged around 15-18 who were putting up burners, sadly I didn’t get any photos of their pieces.

Anyways so this was the product of we did on the second day.

Kringe , Facter, Moss , Daiso

From the left : Kringe , Facter, Moss , Daiso


Experimental Daiso Piece

Day 3:

The boys woke up late , ignored their alarms and we had an appointment with the guys at GARDU HOUSE to get there by 10am and plan out a huge production. All we knew was that they had organise to work out a massive wall for about nine of us to paint. These photos were in my earlier post yesterday, however its never too late to show a few extra snapshots of the location and some progression shots.





Unfortunately two of our friends from Singapore had to leave home the same day we finished this painting, and it was even more unfortunate that their flight was cancelled and had to take the 2.00AM flight out of Jakarta. Facter and I stayed on and I just wanted to have a quiet one, two nights of drinking and sketching thought the final night would be a little different.

So I thought, but Facter and the owners became friends and we were invited to paint the roof of their hostel the next day but I didn’t really take it too seriously. Went up to the roof again had a few beers did some sketching until preety late. Then headed off to bed.

Day 4 :

Woke up with a hangover, had a few coffees and watched a movie. Eventually whilst having a cigarette one of the owners saw one of the sketches which I did and asked if I was still going to paint it. Sure I’m up for anything but we just don’t have any paint with us. Google and Instagram saved the day, somehow we managed to find the TagKingStore nearby. Dave the owner dude went on a mission and got us a bunch of cans and the colours we requested for and we did a quick three hour piece for them. Got a bunch of free beers, a cab ride up to the airport paid for by the hostel as a thank you for painting our walls and sent us on our merry way to rush for our flight. All in all it was one of the best holidays ever, eventhough we didn’t get to experience much of the local food or culture that normal tourists would want to. We did get to experience the Indonesian Writer’s Culture.

IMG_20141117_204700 IMG_20141117_185255

Daiso & Facter after painting rushing to the Airport

Daiso & Facter after painting rushing to the Airport


Links :


Gardu House

Six Degrees Hostel

TagKing Store

Rhema Cans