Singapore To London By Train? – Who? What? When? Where? Why?


Singapore to London by Train … – An epic journey

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Hello everyone, my name is Benson and I am currently embarking on a journey from Singapore to London by train. The journey will take me (tentatively) across 14 countries and 20 cities – a total of more than 20,000 kilometres. This article is the first of which I will be writing to record my personal thoughts & feelings on my travels (or anything that comes to my mind). Lest I forget


I just hit 30 (years old) a few days ago. I used to work as a marketing executive for a non-profit organisation but I have left my job recently. I need coffee to start the day and occasionally, camomile tea to calm my nerves. I am left-handed and I like taking pictures!


First of all, I am physically fit. As we age with the passage of time, our bodies will…

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Travel Logs – Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Travel Logs Yogyakarta

After our Jakarta travel logs for Jakarta we knew we had to do another trip with the team up to Yogyakarta also known as ‘Jogja’ to experience and explore one of Asia’s most active street art and graffiti scenes.

Day 1 :

We arrived early in the afternoon in a tiny airport where we had to walk up to international arrival area. I’ve never had to do that in a long time . Just goes to show how small Jogja is. Frequency of international arrivals isn’t much so the arrival hall is fairly small. Greeted by the local taxi drivers upon customs clearance who were trying to rip us off we managed to brush these guys off and make our way to a taxi booth which charged us three quarters the price. The hostel wasn’t that bad to hang out in, not much international’s but more locals from other states. It’s residence that has been rebuilt into a hostel to accommodate four persons to a room with an attached bathroom. Estimated travel to the city is about thirty minutes.

We spent the afternoon exploring the local area of where were about to stay for the next three nights. Nothing much to see or do other than sketch or watch TV at night in Hostel’s Gazebo. Managed to get some decent food at a local restaurant, where we each had a beer after. To our disappointment, Jogja has a new law where local shops don’t sell alcoholic beverages. Individuals are only allowed to drink at licence restaurants and bars. Our hostel didn’t have much booze either. Around six in the evening our new friend Rubso a local writer from Jogja decided to come down to our hostel and hang out. Brought us to a local bar in the city Asmara Coffee also known as Ascos. Awesome live music and cheap drinks, we ended up doing a few sketches while we were there. Called in an early night as Kringe and Kyube were coming in the next day.

Day 2 :

Woke up with a mild hangover, walked out to Dunking doughnuts and head a quick breakfast with Facter. A day does not start without the morning coffee.

Kringe and Kyube came in around two in the afternoon, with Rubso arriving at our hostel about an hour just before them. With his contacts Rubso, decided to call a MPV taxi to drive us up to TMT Garage shop. TMT Garage Shop is basically a personal garage turned into a graffiti store. Stocked up with their local Nippon Pylox, Rhema cans, markers, adapters, caps and local merchandise. The owner Alex had prepared his boys for our arrival to have a day long jam.

We picked our cans, while the cab driver waited to head down to a spot. Alex arranged a long spot at a terracotta warehouse along a fairly busy main road. The wall was raw concrete the guys who painted with us were really friendly. We had an awesome time meeting the local writers. We ended up starting fairly late though, and Jogja has daylight savings. One this day Facter decided to form Law Zero officially. Big shout out the all the writers who we painted with that night, Alex TMT and the TMT Writers. As usual, we always get a little bit of love from the local kids who sit around and watch us paint. Got to definitely love a little local support.


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Eventually, after finishing up we rushed back to out hostel to shower and change. To find ourselves in the taxi again heading to a local restaurant for some local delights. Nasi Padang is steamed rice served with various other dishes of your choice. You pretty much walk into the shop and the guy gives you a plate of steamed white rice and you pick whatever dishes you want and self serve. Best meal by far I’ve had in Jogja. We definitely couldn’t end our night just like that, so we headed back to the bar from the night before for some sketching and beers, also getting a few take away beers. So I thought the night would end here but it didn’t.

The guys at the local city graffiti store, DripsNDrops invited us over to hang out. Rubso being our local tour guide for walls and everything else, said we could walk over. So we did a short tour around the back alleys of the city slapping up some stickers as we went.

Eventually after a good thirty to forty minute walk we met the guys at DripsNDrops. We were greeted by TuYuLoveMe, LoveHateLove and Trash. Really nice easy going dudes, who asked if we would like to chip in for a round of local drinks. Didn’t really know what they were talking about but I was like sure. The guys came back with four to five bottles of wine known as ‘Orang Tua’. This is the stuff I used to drink growing up since liquor was expensive. They don’t really sell this stuff anymore in Singapore. It turned out to be a good night. We hung out with the guys up really late. Rubso  managed to convince Kringe to paint a quick piece outside the shop. Eventually MUCK another local writer also showed up to hang out with us. A pretty fruitful night it was, even though we got locked out of our hostel and Facter climbed over the gate to wake the receptionist up.

Day 3:

Woke up a little late with a hangover, no time for coffee but shower and get our stuff together to head down for another paint jam. This time round Rubso had arranged for us to join an event. ‘The Wall Is Yours’ was organised by the ROYK Team to commemorate their crew’s anniversary. To be honest the event did pack a fairly large crowd compared to events in Singapore. Everyone was hanging out together, writers had their blackbooks out sketching. The wall was facing a bunch of residential houses but no one cared about what was going on. The residences were pretty supportive when it came to organised events like these.

The ROYK team organisers were extremely accommodating. There were a bunch of guys sitting near our stuff sketching drinking out of little paper cups. To our surprise there were drinking ‘Orang Tua’ again. Kringe got really excited when he found out about it. The guys offered each of us a drink. Unfortunately, I couldn’t drink much since I was going to get inked later that night. This being the final night in Jogja for Facter and I.

Ended finishing our pieces at about eight pm and headed back to the hostel after finishing up a decent throw-up.

Big shout out to the ROYK Team who let us join in the event at a moments notice, Rubso for being the best homie and showing us around and our new crew mate in Law Zero, TMT Alex, Rune , Mr. Mace, Setsu, Unocask, Rans, Here-Here, Ruks, Zeins, Tech, 325, Rick, Dikz, Arens, Astc, Nezt, Nactman, Podysey, Edts, Nuts, Vinz 282.

Back at the hostel, the guys when up to get their showers one by one and headed out for dinner, which I decided to skip. Rubso was getting ready to ink me up. What other way could I end this trip without doing something drastic. The last time we were in Jakarta we ended up painting the hostel. So this time it was only right that I got something to remember this very moment by getting a tattoo on my calf. Finished getting the tattoo at two am and slept for two hours before we had to rush off to the airport to get our flight back to Singapore. Even though it was a short trip, I will always want to go back to Jogja just because the scene and the writers are so welcoming. Also I really need to start doing a little bit of tourist stuff on these trips in future.

That’s all folks, that was our four days three nights trip in Jogja although the fourth day didn’t really count.


** Read the collaborated article on our Jogja Travel Logs on : with much more photos.


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