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First fifteen persons to attend the official opening of the exhibition will receive these limited edition prints, signed and numbered


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10 Most Popular Singapore Urban Legends


Recently I attended a graffiti workshop sponsored by Converse – The Cons Project the first session was run by Ink & Clog. Two infamous street artist from the Singapore scene. During their workshop they mentioned on what inspires them, to create their new characters. Local myths and legends were a topic which they mentioned seemed the most intriguing. Many of us Singaporeans grow up learning about these myths and legends and talk about during our primary school era, but sooner or later it just become a passing cloud. Today, I had this random though to do a little research on the local myths and legends. Little did I know there was much more to it.. This following blog post was an eye opener to me. Truly an inspiration for some new art pieces. Thank you Ink&Clog and Remember Singapore .

Originally posted on Remember Singapore:

Below are some of the most popular urban legends that charmed Singapore in the past few decades (not in any order).

With the progress of our society and improving level of knowledge, some urban legends died off over the years; a few, however, remains unsolved.

1. Kidnapping of Kids for Bridges

In the late seventies, during the construction of the great Benjamin Sheares Bridge, rumours of children being kidnapped for their heads to be served as the foundation of the bridge spread like wild fire.
The rumours might be due to frequent kidnappings in Singapore in the sixties/seventies, and people did not believe such a huge bridge could be built without any issues. The rumours even went to an extent that a dog-headed kidnapper was roaming in the neighbourhood looking for wandering kids at night.
There was no basis in the rumours but it was enough to stop the parents…

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Certis Cisco Officer’s Brutality

Watch two of Singapore’s finest Certis Cisco Officer’s (Auxiliary Policemen) enforcing the long arm of the law in Singapore.

A little appalling of how these two gents have handled the situation with an individual who is illegally fishing. From my knowledge I don’t think these guys even have the authority to demand an individuals National Identification Card (NRIC).

Certis Cisco has yet to make a statement on this event.

SG Share has shared this video since the incident 7 hours ago.


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